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HTML 5 is a new & significantly improved version of HTML. If you want to build a web application that supports all the latest mobile devices and browsers, HTML 5 is definitely your destination. HTML 5 comes with built-in support for animations, videos, and games. We strictly follow all HTML 5 standards to build dynamic websites that are consistent across multiple browsers and devices. The main advantages of using HTML 5 are:


HTML 5 Advantages

Compatibility: It is highly compatible with all the modern web browsers, phones, PCs and tablets.
Media support: It has built-in media support for playing streaming videos and audio. So user does not require to download any additional plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight.
Clean code: It allows you to write clean and self-descriptive code.
Local storage: HTML 5 allows you to store information on local database which is suitable for mobile applications.
Game development: HTML 5 is great way to build games that are compatible with mobile and web.

In addition to above mentioned advantages, HTML 5 also let you create nice animations and effects on the fly. HTML 5 is definitely the future of modern web based applications.

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